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The ASEBA Approach

The Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) offers a comprehensive approach to assessing adaptive and maladaptive functioning. Developed through decades of research and practical experience to identify actual patterns of functioning, the ASEBA provides professionals with user-friendly tools.

Numerous studies demonstrate significant associations between ASEBA scores and both diagnostic and special education categories. You can relate ASEBA directly to DSM-5 diagnostic categories by using the DSM-oriented scales for scoring ASEBA forms.

The ASEBA approach originated in the 1960s with Dr. Achenbach’s efforts to develop a more differentiated picture of child and adolescent psychopathology than was provided by the prevailing diagnostic system.
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  • Sets the standard for integrated multi-informant assessment
  • Offers culturally diverse worldwide applications; translations in 100 languages
  • Provides multi-informant assessment for ages 1½-90+
  • Provides multicultural scoring for ages 1½-59
  • Is widely used in mental health services, schools, medical settings, child and family services, HMOs, public health agencies, child guidance, and training programs
  • Offers comparable scales across wide age ranges
  • Is used in national surveys to track development and predict competencies and problems
  • Is supported by extensive research on service needs and outcomes, diagnosis, prevalence of problems, medical conditions, treatment efficacy, genetic and environmental effects, and epidemiology
  • For a comprehensive picture of the ASEBA, see The Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA): Development, Findings, Theory, and Applications.

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